Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Concept art

Here is my first sketch for me and Jess's project. I had an idea to draw a cute round character. I imagine her costume is shades of pink and orange and her pet would be white. I'm not entirely sure what her pet is, probably some sort of dog creature. The back of her hat has a giant bell and her dress has an oversized button on it. I imagine she'd be in some sort of dreamy fantasy world. Maybe my next post will be concept art of some scenery.


  1. Haha I was worried you'd almost forget XD
    Mando draws so many round cute characters.. I've learned a lot about shapes from her, so this character reminds me much of her. :D

    Yes, show me what you had in mind for scenery! :D

    These are good descriptions so far. awesome work~

  2. A celebratory first post gift art XD

    Let's keep this going :D!