Saturday, March 20, 2010

Character Design Homework!

Done in the order I drew them in! Woo! I'm having a lot of fun with this assignment. The homework was to pick a videogame and draw three new characters for it. I chose Soul Calibur because I wanted to draw realistic looking characters with weapons. I was torn between this and making new cousins for the game Katamari but I know what I chose is more of what my professor wants. I'm not finished yet! I was just so excited with what I've done so far that I've decided to post in-progress work. I get to color a few of these in class next week.

Added: I've uploaded all of them :D For my male character I was trying to make him look like a viking but it's really hard to do without adding a beard. I can see how I strayed from the viking look. Oh well, I'm still happy with how he turned out :)

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