Friday, March 5, 2010

Another concept sketch

Another concept drawing for me and Jess's project. I decided to draw the two characters interacting. I'm having an off night. I had a bunch of ideas for environments and another character but every time I tried to sketch it, it just wouldn't turn out. I decided to just draw the characters even though they look a bit different from the first sketches I did. I lost a lot of the roundness to them and I'm not sure I like this sketch. But it had to be done! Something is off with the feet D: I'm writing a sticky note to remind myself to practice drawing feet haha


  1. Well, one thing I've noticed is that they're taller than the previous sketches you did. Maybe you can draw round shapes to help guide the form of the body?
    I actually don't mind this, though. The girl's legs look cute with the length of that dress. :3

    Thanks so much for going through with it even though it felt off! I was in the phase for two weeks not too long ago and it was really frustrating. Good idea on the sticky notes, haha

  2. Yeaah haha she looks like she grew up a bit. A shape guideline will help for sure!
    And no problem, I wish I could have pulled myself out of the funk I was in to do more sketches. I think I've come out of it now though :)