Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Concept 2 Sketch 1

I uploaded this last night but was too tired to write anything for it. So here is a new character for me and Jess's project. I've been listening to different types of music, especially soundtracks, and sketching to see how they turn out. So for this sketch I had been listening to the soundtrack for the recent Sherlock Holmes movie. I already had the idea to do this weeks concept during a specific era but listening to the soundtrack made me fall in love with the late 19th century. I'm not sure yet but I want to have the story for this concept set in somewhere gloomy, if not London then a fictional place very similar. For this character I imagine him as handsome but somewhat gaunt and gloomy looking. I'd imagine him to be very quite but when he speaks he's very quick witted. I'm still exploring what sort of role he would play in this new story. I think I will have a much better idea once I draw a few more characters and a few set ideas. Also, I realize it looks like my character is standing on a slope but it's really just because I tilted the paper too much while taking this picture haha


  1. There's something really different about how you drew this fellow, I can't quite place it but it looks great! His violin is pretty awesome as well. Keep it up! :D

  2. Yeah, the late 19th century was a very lovely time period. I will enjoy this as well!

    I will have to listen to this soundtrack. =)

    Ooh so for this concept we get to flex our architectural skills!
    He has that stony model look to his face. Yet it also looks soft and baby-ish. Pretty cool.