Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Liz Sketch without characters!? :O

Sorry for the wonky colors! I keep trying to adjust the contrast and brightness in photoshop but it doesn't seem to do much. Hopefully, you can somewhat make out this. I never do environments so this was a big change for me. I really want to get better at it and do more of this! This is basically what I envisioned for the village for my boy character for me and Jess's project together. Smallish huts, some stacked on top of each other with other housing inside rock and also in the trees. I wanted all of them to be connected and for it to feel like a close community. I also wanted the line between nature and the village to be blurred a bit. I'm proud I managed to finish an environment but now looking at this I have even more ideas of what I could do differently. I just learned perspective in my Drawing for Animation class. Next time I need to apply perspective more :O It'll be a challenge to have rounded buildings in perspective instead of the rectangular buildings we practiced drawing in class.


  1. OOo so complex!Such a great way to practice your perspective work! As it stands, the perspective is looking pretty good! A few things can be fixed up but you know that.

    Overall this little village has a lot of character. You should try doing more of these and adding people! Every good village has people even if they're not the focus of the composition.

    Good JEEORB!

  2. If you want to adjust a black and white sketch in the photoshoops, I'd recommend using levels instead of brightness/contrast.

    Otherwise, that village has a lot of great character. I love the rounded shapes.

  3. Love the little huts and bridges. :)