Saturday, March 6, 2010

Concept art

So we have an ok drawing of my girl character and a new character! I wanted to draw a villain type character or just something strange looking. I wanted this male character to be extremely tall and willowy and also a different race than the other two characters. I'd imagine his skin tone to be a pale green with a purplish tone around his eyes. The top drawing I have him growing a strange flower. I imagine he lives in a deep part of the forest and grows strange looking flowers that only grow there. As I'm typing this I'm getting more and more ideas of sketches! I'll have to use them for tomorrows sketch. I drew him without his mask but usually he always wears it. I'm not sure why exactly. I think it makes him creepier and more mysterious.


  1. Hmm I am definitely getting some story ideas with this!

    Would you prefer me to draw a page that insinuates something, or something that stands on its own? =)

  2. Awesome! Either one I think would work but I think for one page maybe something that insinuates something might be the way to go :D