Thursday, March 11, 2010

Concept 2 Sketch 3

Third character! Weoo! I wanted to have this character to be exotic, I researched some Thai names and I've decided to name her Areva. It's extremely hard for me to name any character. Whenever I play a videogame and I have to create a name for my character it will take me hours to think of JUST the right name. I feel like names give a certain personality to characters and if you already have established character traits and a clear idea of the character it can be extremely hard trying to fit a name to character. Names add another flavor to characters that can either enhance their traits or clash against it. That's how I've always felt about it anyways. I've decided to call my second character James and my first character Louis. Now it will be much easier to explain. I wanted to have a character who was working for James prior to Louis agreeing to work for him. I had a lot of ideas but I was sure I wanted a female character.


  1. Fascinating fascinating fascinating~

    These ideas are getting so complex compared to concept #1. I'm having fun reading all these ideas and running through them visually in my head!

    Detail is what carves a character out, so it's okay to have a lot. The story itself doesn't have to include all of it; it's just for you to know. ;>

  2. It's hard to describe.. but I think I can see this without it being so heavy. Sometimes when I don't feel alright with my ideas, I visualize them in as many different ways as possible instead of changing it.

    Maybe this is something I can try to explain in a comic. This sort of story will need a particular style in writing, though.. don't know what just yet.

  3. No, you're totally right. It can do without getting so heavy. It's a bad habit I have when writing. A story can have impact enough if its shown the right way without relying on heavy themes. But the story doesn't matter so much as the characters. Check out the soundtrack to Sherlock Holmes! :O