Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Concept 2 Sketch 2

Here is my second character! I have a pretty clear idea of what type of character he would be, he would be a smooth talker, very confident, he can come across as elegant and sincere but there's an underlining dodgyness and coldness to him. As far as physical appearance goes he is handsome but slightly rough looking and has a scar going up his left eyebrow. I imagine him to be something of a high class criminal and notorious for being able to get any item for any price. Although, he is a criminal I see him as being extremely intelligent and cultured. I imagine his apartment to be full of books and objects from all across the world, but it would be very small and messy and ofcourse it would have his piano. I think I would want to have this character somehow stumble across my first character by way of one of them playing. I think I would like to have this character hear my first character playing the violin and take interest in his first, his skill with the violin, and secondly his strange personality. I can see my first character being very cold and somewhat rude to this character and have no patience for this characters flashy personality. I really need to start giving names to my characters... Anyways, I can see this character, becoming interested in my first character for some reason, whether he sees him as a financial opportunity, he genuinely wants to help him out or that he's bored and its entertaining to him to have someone around him that isn't fooled by his charm. This character has friends in high places since he is paid considerable amounts of money to hunt for items for the rich. I see my first character as a noble possibly but living on his own and very poor. I think I would have this character bribe him by saying he could make him famous as a musician but he would have to work for him first. My first character is stubborn, and is very proud and would never associate himself with a criminal and one who infuriates him, but he eventually gives in. I've got a great idea for one more character and then I think I will do some buildings and sets.

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