Sunday, February 28, 2010

Character Design work

Here are some sketches I've done for homework for my Character design class. I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. I don't have a scanner yet so I am relying on my webcam :X I had to crop out my fingers in some of the pictures haha. But I am getting a scanner soon!

The first assignment for class was to draw three characters with three different body types. I drew the big beefy guy with the weird hair slick, the funny short chubby man, and then I used a sketch I had done earlier for my third body type (check my first post!) I had definite personality ideas for them as I drew them. I picture the big guy as sort of a brute, not very academically smart but street smart. The short man I picture as mischievous and very full of himself, maybe a kind of villain character. The girl I imagine is something very close to Major Kusanagi from the movie Ghost in the Shell, quiet, strong, but maybe with more of a short temper.

Second assignment was to to draw the three characters according to four different themes; suspense, love, action, and horror, with a focus on facial expressions. I'm feeling good about this homework, hopefully my professor feels the same way haha

Whoa! Some animation!

This is a Cut Out animation for my Stop Motion class. I'm pretty happy with it :) It's a bit choppy but for my first cut out animation I think I did pretty well especially since I didn't use an X-sheet at all for the lip synching. If I had more time I would have edited in some heavy breathing and foot steps and probably some background noise. I really wish the school had a multiplane camera to add some depth to the background :( It was really hard trying not to get my character caught on the background paper.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old sketches!

It's about time I posted these somewhere! Here are some old sketches I did during the summer into fall. I tried to pick out the ones I liked the most. It was really hard for me to pick though especially since I only took my anatomy class this past fall and it helped me understand proportions better. I feel more confident exaggerating my figures while still understanding proportions. you can see, I like drawing ladies haha. There is one male character though! It's a big improvement for me. I will try to draw more male characters! And also less anime! It's a big problem I have with my characters. I really want to stop drawing in that style and have a more original look. It's really hard for me to break the habit of drawing anime looking characters when it's just what I've been doing for the past ten years.

Not too much to say about the first three sketches. They are just some pretty sketch ideas I had during the summer. The fourth drawing, the girl with the apple, is actually a redesign of my main character from my first animation project. I would post my first animation but I am very embarrassed about it. I guess it's only natural to feel that way about a first project. The sixth drawing I did while looking at Alphonse Mucha's work. If you haven't checked him out! Go do it! I have a few more sketches I will post that are bit older but they are more concept designs for a comic idea I have.

Also beginning this week I will begin posting concept ideas and character designs for my friend Jessica (, to turn into a one page comic! I will be doing six drawings throughout the week, one a day and then on the seventh day she will draw a comic. I'm really excited (and also a bit nervous) to start doing this! If I don't do six drawings, even if I do five, she won't do the comic! So it'll be up to me to do all six and it'll keep both of us on our toes and drawing.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drawing for Animation work

These are a bit out of order, but this is the work I have done for my Drawing for Animation class so far! We had to start out drawing silhouettes of characters to create strong designs. I'm the happiest with my little devil child silhouette. After we had done many silhouettes we were assigned to make character sheets for them. Another assignment just assigned was to drastically redesign one of our characters. I chose to redesign my squid lady and I turned her into something cuter and much less creepy as you can tell from the last two drawings haha. The first silhouette I did was the pirate woman with the anchor. I had a tough time coming up with a strong design. I've relied on outlines too much rather than shapes. I think I've got the hang out though! Drawing shapes has at least become much easier for me and made being consistent with characters much easier as well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Post Woo!

Ah my very first post! I've been planning on making a sketch blog a while now. I'd say this is maybe my fifth attempt at inking and coloring in photoshop. I'm somewhat satisfied with how the colored version came out but I think I like my sketch much more.

-Added: Sorry for such a short description! Yesterday I was in such a haze because of this cold I'm fighting and very probably the cold medicine I took. I drew this character a little over a week ago on my train ride back home for the weekend. I was thinking of who I wanted to be as a comic book character. A few people told me after seeing this post on the sketchblog that it looks like me which was good to hear! It was somewhat what I was going for. I don't think I look quite as angry. While drawing this I was listening to the Pendulum's music which I am newly addicted to. If you have't heard of them check them out! Listening to them gets me really pumped up to draw especially more cyber punk sort of stuff. I wanted to draw a kind of scifi overthe top gun. I'm not sure I succeeded entirely but I'm happy with the ridiculous scope on it. While drawing this character I thought more about what character I would like to be and what kind of story and setting I'd like to be in. I added the wrench because part of me wishes I could fix cars or other machines. Maybe I just feel this way because I adore Kaylee from Firefly. I started thinking if my character was a mechanic and hired gun. I would want the setting to be in a kind of run down sleazy city yet still be futuristic and kind of cyber punk if that makes sense. Maybe a cross between Tekkonkinkreet's stylized and intricate look and the dark atmosphere of the city in the series Ergo Proxy. I've got lots to think about for this character! I'm considering trying to put her into a small comic of sorts. We'll see!