Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old sketches!

It's about time I posted these somewhere! Here are some old sketches I did during the summer into fall. I tried to pick out the ones I liked the most. It was really hard for me to pick though especially since I only took my anatomy class this past fall and it helped me understand proportions better. I feel more confident exaggerating my figures while still understanding proportions. you can see, I like drawing ladies haha. There is one male character though! It's a big improvement for me. I will try to draw more male characters! And also less anime! It's a big problem I have with my characters. I really want to stop drawing in that style and have a more original look. It's really hard for me to break the habit of drawing anime looking characters when it's just what I've been doing for the past ten years.

Not too much to say about the first three sketches. They are just some pretty sketch ideas I had during the summer. The fourth drawing, the girl with the apple, is actually a redesign of my main character from my first animation project. I would post my first animation but I am very embarrassed about it. I guess it's only natural to feel that way about a first project. The sixth drawing I did while looking at Alphonse Mucha's work. If you haven't checked him out! Go do it! I have a few more sketches I will post that are bit older but they are more concept designs for a comic idea I have.

Also beginning this week I will begin posting concept ideas and character designs for my friend Jessica (, to turn into a one page comic! I will be doing six drawings throughout the week, one a day and then on the seventh day she will draw a comic. I'm really excited (and also a bit nervous) to start doing this! If I don't do six drawings, even if I do five, she won't do the comic! So it'll be up to me to do all six and it'll keep both of us on our toes and drawing.


  1. HAHA I feel bad, it's a bit harsh ;;
    I'm hoping the comic thing will motivate you, like it's an "all or nothing" deal.
    But I feel like I should give /something/ in return anyway if there's only five sketches XD

    But good luck to both of us! Hopefully seeing your characters in a comic form will give you a boost of courage to try it out yourself (and myself as well!) eventually?

    (I have been meaning to start something for years but am too much of a chicken BC )

  2. I love your girls by the way ;D My favorite is the last page. This is all new to me since I've never seen your work before--honest. hahah
    (well, except for that animation project you did with scott)

    D: I need to draw more animals
    And you should pump up this page with a header and more info about you ;D
    It's just a good thing to do in case anyone important stumbles by. And first-time viewers will get a better initial feel of you :3

  3. Haha don't worry! It's not harsh at all. It'll give me the motivation to get the sketches done! We'll figure something out if I only do five sketches. Maybe you can draw my characters looking at me disappointed haha

    I'm excited to see my characters in comic form! I'm really curious how you will draw them and make a story out of a bunch of drawings I do :) I've been meaning to do comic stuff too but it's so intimidating :X

    And thank you! I forget that you've never seen any of my work. Makes me want to post more stuff.

    Yes! I need to add information about myself and add a header. I should make doing a header a project over break :D