Sunday, February 28, 2010

Character Design work

Here are some sketches I've done for homework for my Character design class. I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures. I don't have a scanner yet so I am relying on my webcam :X I had to crop out my fingers in some of the pictures haha. But I am getting a scanner soon!

The first assignment for class was to draw three characters with three different body types. I drew the big beefy guy with the weird hair slick, the funny short chubby man, and then I used a sketch I had done earlier for my third body type (check my first post!) I had definite personality ideas for them as I drew them. I picture the big guy as sort of a brute, not very academically smart but street smart. The short man I picture as mischievous and very full of himself, maybe a kind of villain character. The girl I imagine is something very close to Major Kusanagi from the movie Ghost in the Shell, quiet, strong, but maybe with more of a short temper.

Second assignment was to to draw the three characters according to four different themes; suspense, love, action, and horror, with a focus on facial expressions. I'm feeling good about this homework, hopefully my professor feels the same way haha


  1. Lookin' great! This class is helping you a ton, I can see it already! :D

    So glad you're taking it and Drawing for Animation, even though its way too much work :)

  2. Yeah, I feel like the combination of the two classes together is helping me a lot! And I actually get excited about the work (most of the time haha) They are probably my top two classes on my priority list. So much work for both of the classes, but it's paying off so I don't mind so much :)