Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drawing for Animation work

These are a bit out of order, but this is the work I have done for my Drawing for Animation class so far! We had to start out drawing silhouettes of characters to create strong designs. I'm the happiest with my little devil child silhouette. After we had done many silhouettes we were assigned to make character sheets for them. Another assignment just assigned was to drastically redesign one of our characters. I chose to redesign my squid lady and I turned her into something cuter and much less creepy as you can tell from the last two drawings haha. The first silhouette I did was the pirate woman with the anchor. I had a tough time coming up with a strong design. I've relied on outlines too much rather than shapes. I think I've got the hang out though! Drawing shapes has at least become much easier for me and made being consistent with characters much easier as well.


  1. Aww your squid girl redesign is so cute! haha

    Its interesting to see these all at once, finally. I love the Pirate girl and the little demon a lot, personally. Keep up the good work, guuuurrrlll!

  2. Haha Yeah, I'd have to say the pirate girl and little demon are two of my top favorites as well :) I'll keep sketching! Don't you worry! haha

  3. I chose squid for mine too :D

    Yours is really cute.. reminds me some plant monster on RO or something haha

    5th post is effin sexy ;Q