Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Post Woo!

Ah my very first post! I've been planning on making a sketch blog a while now. I'd say this is maybe my fifth attempt at inking and coloring in photoshop. I'm somewhat satisfied with how the colored version came out but I think I like my sketch much more.

-Added: Sorry for such a short description! Yesterday I was in such a haze because of this cold I'm fighting and very probably the cold medicine I took. I drew this character a little over a week ago on my train ride back home for the weekend. I was thinking of who I wanted to be as a comic book character. A few people told me after seeing this post on the sketchblog that it looks like me which was good to hear! It was somewhat what I was going for. I don't think I look quite as angry. While drawing this I was listening to the Pendulum's music which I am newly addicted to. If you have't heard of them check them out! Listening to them gets me really pumped up to draw especially more cyber punk sort of stuff. I wanted to draw a kind of scifi overthe top gun. I'm not sure I succeeded entirely but I'm happy with the ridiculous scope on it. While drawing this character I thought more about what character I would like to be and what kind of story and setting I'd like to be in. I added the wrench because part of me wishes I could fix cars or other machines. Maybe I just feel this way because I adore Kaylee from Firefly. I started thinking if my character was a mechanic and hired gun. I would want the setting to be in a kind of run down sleazy city yet still be futuristic and kind of cyber punk if that makes sense. Maybe a cross between Tekkonkinkreet's stylized and intricate look and the dark atmosphere of the city in the series Ergo Proxy. I've got lots to think about for this character! I'm considering trying to put her into a small comic of sorts. We'll see!


  1. The way you draw coats and legs reminds me of Scott so much, haha.
    Nice drawing, does she have some character info? I'm interested in why there is a combination of a wrench and gun!

  2. Yeah, I think talking about the concepts behind your sketches would be a good idea for you and for followers! Do iiiit!

  3. Ah! I have comments :D I updated my post with more information :)