Sunday, February 28, 2010

Whoa! Some animation!

This is a Cut Out animation for my Stop Motion class. I'm pretty happy with it :) It's a bit choppy but for my first cut out animation I think I did pretty well especially since I didn't use an X-sheet at all for the lip synching. If I had more time I would have edited in some heavy breathing and foot steps and probably some background noise. I really wish the school had a multiplane camera to add some depth to the background :( It was really hard trying not to get my character caught on the background paper.


  1. This. is. AWESOME. I love it!

  2. Make your own multiplane setup :D

    some art stores do sell planes of glass. The one on commonwealth has it I think.

    This is really cool! I like the anticipation (even if there are no footsteps or heavy breathing.) Somehow you added a bounce to her step, so she feels more fluid than just a cutout, which is really neat. Great job