Saturday, March 20, 2010

Character Design Homework!

Done in the order I drew them in! Woo! I'm having a lot of fun with this assignment. The homework was to pick a videogame and draw three new characters for it. I chose Soul Calibur because I wanted to draw realistic looking characters with weapons. I was torn between this and making new cousins for the game Katamari but I know what I chose is more of what my professor wants. I'm not finished yet! I was just so excited with what I've done so far that I've decided to post in-progress work. I get to color a few of these in class next week.

Added: I've uploaded all of them :D For my male character I was trying to make him look like a viking but it's really hard to do without adding a beard. I can see how I strayed from the viking look. Oh well, I'm still happy with how he turned out :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Concept 2 Sketch 6

For my last sketch for concept 2 I tried draw all the characters together. I need to work hard on becoming more comfortable with drawing more than one character. I feel like It turned out pretty well. I can see a few problems with anatomy right now and it was really hard to draw Areva short and still look in proportion compared to the taller characters. Besides a few technical issues I feel like I showed their personalities pretty well. Good luck, Jess! :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Concept 2 Sketch 5

Here's a room I drew :O It's a piano room. I imagine this is the room in my character Jame's house. It looks a little wonky. I think it's because I keep taking pictures with my web cam and I'm never sure if I'm slightly tilting it. I need a scanner .____.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Concept 2 Sketch 4

I never draw buildings :X I just learned perspective about two weeks ago. Overall I think I did ok with it. Drawing this I was really excited by how it was turning out but once I was done I realized everything is slightly tilted :/ I like style of the building at least. I looked at a bunch of houses in England while drawing this. Also, this is for me and Jess's project together. I figured one of the characters I drew before could live in this house, or something like it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Concept 2 Sketch 3

Third character! Weoo! I wanted to have this character to be exotic, I researched some Thai names and I've decided to name her Areva. It's extremely hard for me to name any character. Whenever I play a videogame and I have to create a name for my character it will take me hours to think of JUST the right name. I feel like names give a certain personality to characters and if you already have established character traits and a clear idea of the character it can be extremely hard trying to fit a name to character. Names add another flavor to characters that can either enhance their traits or clash against it. That's how I've always felt about it anyways. I've decided to call my second character James and my first character Louis. Now it will be much easier to explain. I wanted to have a character who was working for James prior to Louis agreeing to work for him. I had a lot of ideas but I was sure I wanted a female character.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Concept 2 Sketch 2

Here is my second character! I have a pretty clear idea of what type of character he would be, he would be a smooth talker, very confident, he can come across as elegant and sincere but there's an underlining dodgyness and coldness to him. As far as physical appearance goes he is handsome but slightly rough looking and has a scar going up his left eyebrow. I imagine him to be something of a high class criminal and notorious for being able to get any item for any price. Although, he is a criminal I see him as being extremely intelligent and cultured. I imagine his apartment to be full of books and objects from all across the world, but it would be very small and messy and ofcourse it would have his piano. I think I would want to have this character somehow stumble across my first character by way of one of them playing. I think I would like to have this character hear my first character playing the violin and take interest in his first, his skill with the violin, and secondly his strange personality. I can see my first character being very cold and somewhat rude to this character and have no patience for this characters flashy personality. I really need to start giving names to my characters... Anyways, I can see this character, becoming interested in my first character for some reason, whether he sees him as a financial opportunity, he genuinely wants to help him out or that he's bored and its entertaining to him to have someone around him that isn't fooled by his charm. This character has friends in high places since he is paid considerable amounts of money to hunt for items for the rich. I see my first character as a noble possibly but living on his own and very poor. I think I would have this character bribe him by saying he could make him famous as a musician but he would have to work for him first. My first character is stubborn, and is very proud and would never associate himself with a criminal and one who infuriates him, but he eventually gives in. I've got a great idea for one more character and then I think I will do some buildings and sets.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Concept 2 Sketch 1

I uploaded this last night but was too tired to write anything for it. So here is a new character for me and Jess's project. I've been listening to different types of music, especially soundtracks, and sketching to see how they turn out. So for this sketch I had been listening to the soundtrack for the recent Sherlock Holmes movie. I already had the idea to do this weeks concept during a specific era but listening to the soundtrack made me fall in love with the late 19th century. I'm not sure yet but I want to have the story for this concept set in somewhere gloomy, if not London then a fictional place very similar. For this character I imagine him as handsome but somewhat gaunt and gloomy looking. I'd imagine him to be very quite but when he speaks he's very quick witted. I'm still exploring what sort of role he would play in this new story. I think I will have a much better idea once I draw a few more characters and a few set ideas. Also, I realize it looks like my character is standing on a slope but it's really just because I tilted the paper too much while taking this picture haha

Sunday, March 7, 2010

More concept stuff

I've drawn more of the my new male character. He's so strange and fun to draw. I also drew a bit of what his house would look like. I imagine it being in a deep, dark part of the forest but covered in the strange flowers he grows and tends for. Maybe the girl character and boy character uncover his house by mistake while searching through the woods. I really want to see how Jess will have these three characters interact! Especially the boy and girl character with this strange flower creature.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Concept art

So we have an ok drawing of my girl character and a new character! I wanted to draw a villain type character or just something strange looking. I wanted this male character to be extremely tall and willowy and also a different race than the other two characters. I'd imagine his skin tone to be a pale green with a purplish tone around his eyes. The top drawing I have him growing a strange flower. I imagine he lives in a deep part of the forest and grows strange looking flowers that only grow there. As I'm typing this I'm getting more and more ideas of sketches! I'll have to use them for tomorrows sketch. I drew him without his mask but usually he always wears it. I'm not sure why exactly. I think it makes him creepier and more mysterious.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Another concept sketch

Another concept drawing for me and Jess's project. I decided to draw the two characters interacting. I'm having an off night. I had a bunch of ideas for environments and another character but every time I tried to sketch it, it just wouldn't turn out. I decided to just draw the characters even though they look a bit different from the first sketches I did. I lost a lot of the roundness to them and I'm not sure I like this sketch. But it had to be done! Something is off with the feet D: I'm writing a sticky note to remind myself to practice drawing feet haha

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Liz Sketch without characters!? :O

Sorry for the wonky colors! I keep trying to adjust the contrast and brightness in photoshop but it doesn't seem to do much. Hopefully, you can somewhat make out this. I never do environments so this was a big change for me. I really want to get better at it and do more of this! This is basically what I envisioned for the village for my boy character for me and Jess's project together. Smallish huts, some stacked on top of each other with other housing inside rock and also in the trees. I wanted all of them to be connected and for it to feel like a close community. I also wanted the line between nature and the village to be blurred a bit. I'm proud I managed to finish an environment but now looking at this I have even more ideas of what I could do differently. I just learned perspective in my Drawing for Animation class. Next time I need to apply perspective more :O It'll be a challenge to have rounded buildings in perspective instead of the rectangular buildings we practiced drawing in class.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Concept Art Day 2!

Two more concept drawings for Jess! I drew a male character (say whaat!?) I picture him as pretty spunky and stubborn. It may be hard to tell from my style but I picture him as child or at least a young adult, maybe a little older than my first character. Now that I think about it he reminds me a lot of the character the Great Mido from Zelda Ocarina of Time if anyone remembers him. If only because they look similar. I had an idea of this character living in the forest and knowing his way around. In the first post I have a few rough ideas of the forest. I drew a sort of weird flower, I want the forest to have a more mystical look to it. It was pointed out after I drew the flower that it resembled a person so I decided to just draw a creature out if. I want to post something more solid later. Maybe I'll draw a village in the forest. The first thing that comes to mind is a village from the game Baten Kaitos.

Looking back at the first character I drew, I just can't see her as living in the forest. I picture her coming from a city outside of the forest. It may be hard to tell from my sketches but the material the two characters are wearing are very different. I picture the girl wearing pinks and orange tones made from a shiny fabric or a lightweight fabric for more flow. The boy's clothes are heavy thick cloth, something like wool and is shades of browns, greens and whites. I want the two of them to interact in the comic Jess is going to write. I was thinking maybe the girl is in the forest for some reason and the boy finds her and maybe mocks her for not knowing her way around the forest, but eventually helps her. Hope this helps, Jess! It's a little hard for me to describe the way I imagine my characters. Hopefully, the more I do this the better I will get!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Concept art

Here is my first sketch for me and Jess's project. I had an idea to draw a cute round character. I imagine her costume is shades of pink and orange and her pet would be white. I'm not entirely sure what her pet is, probably some sort of dog creature. The back of her hat has a giant bell and her dress has an oversized button on it. I imagine she'd be in some sort of dreamy fantasy world. Maybe my next post will be concept art of some scenery.