Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Concept Art Day 2!

Two more concept drawings for Jess! I drew a male character (say whaat!?) I picture him as pretty spunky and stubborn. It may be hard to tell from my style but I picture him as child or at least a young adult, maybe a little older than my first character. Now that I think about it he reminds me a lot of the character the Great Mido from Zelda Ocarina of Time if anyone remembers him. If only because they look similar. I had an idea of this character living in the forest and knowing his way around. In the first post I have a few rough ideas of the forest. I drew a sort of weird flower, I want the forest to have a more mystical look to it. It was pointed out after I drew the flower that it resembled a person so I decided to just draw a creature out if. I want to post something more solid later. Maybe I'll draw a village in the forest. The first thing that comes to mind is a village from the game Baten Kaitos.

Looking back at the first character I drew, I just can't see her as living in the forest. I picture her coming from a city outside of the forest. It may be hard to tell from my sketches but the material the two characters are wearing are very different. I picture the girl wearing pinks and orange tones made from a shiny fabric or a lightweight fabric for more flow. The boy's clothes are heavy thick cloth, something like wool and is shades of browns, greens and whites. I want the two of them to interact in the comic Jess is going to write. I was thinking maybe the girl is in the forest for some reason and the boy finds her and maybe mocks her for not knowing her way around the forest, but eventually helps her. Hope this helps, Jess! It's a little hard for me to describe the way I imagine my characters. Hopefully, the more I do this the better I will get!


  1. You're doing great, keep going! This has been very informative so far, and it's only been two posts. I can't wait for more. :D

    That lady flower is particularily interesting

  2. As a plot element I mean. XD
    I can see how these two charcters will clash, the contrast between them is great.

  3. :D Horray! Thank you! I'll keep posting. I want to be informative with my posts but still give you creative freedom to do what you feel like for the comic :) I feel like if I give some general information about the characters and environment it'll give you some room for creatively putting together a story for them :D Lemme know if you want more information or less as we go haha I'm still trying to get used to this.

  4. No, this is all you. Add as much as you want. I'm just merely putting them in comic form for practice. If you want to hint at a story, go for it absolutely. I'll see what I can do with your directing.