Monday, January 17, 2011

A Scary painting D:

Too scary for you! I didn't mean for the colors to turn out so creepy but whatevs, this was the most fun to paint!

First one is without the sketch layer the second is with the sketch layer, cant decide which one I like the most


  1. That's creepy as shit Liz. I think I like the one without the sketch lines slightly more cuz it feels a but creepier, but its really close--they're both awesome!

  2. I say keep some of the sketch lines, like in the hair and around the face, but get rid of it on the back and the antlers. :0 And just erase parts until you get a good balance.

    But he's a cutie! Deer boys ftw!

  3. Aww thanks guys! I like the hair without the lines because it seems to glow more but I think I do need some lines maybe around the hands and arms or maybe i just need to shade them a bit better. Anyways, I appreciate the feed back! <3