Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday I started sketching as soon as I woke up and the bottom two sketches are what came out. The top two are from this morning. I started thinking about tarot cards and creatures and wanted to produce something more of an illustration than a loose doodle. Surprisingly, these drawings came out fairly easily while doodling at times can feel like absolute work. I'm very excited to ink and paint them eventually. I think when I relax and think about what I want to draw (and not think TOO hard) it results in something I'm truly happy with. These sketches surprised me, and while I'm not sure how other people think of them, I'm pretty satisfied, which is something relatively new for me when sketching. I don't think I'd commit to this one style, I don't think I'd commit to one style ever, but it is nice to know I can do things like this every once and a while. I think I'll keep it up and see where it goes!

Also, damn my scanner for making everything look so light! D:


  1. lmfao I really like the second one :D

  2. Thanks! :D I think that one's my favorite too. Originally I had him coming out of some kind of mirror thing but I was like 'Oh wait....he's like a dear..why not just have him mounted to the wall on a plaque?" lolol