Saturday, July 3, 2010

A whole bunch of things I should have uploaded sooner

Whew, its been a little while since I updated. But I HAVE been drawing, I assure you :O

First page is what I do while in my summer English class. Class is all over with now but I did love going. I had a tendency to just draw for the whole class. It's amazing how distracted I am at home when I have nothing to do but when I go to class and I'm supposed to be paying attention I can't tear myself away from drawing. I particularly enjoy the gross pikachu's I drew :T

Second page is a page I posted before, this time inked. I figured I'd maybe show some progress. I'm hesitant to add the grayscale marker to it because it's so permanent :X There's no redo button for them unlike my tablet. A friend of mine messaged me and told me how much he liked the weird dream like drawings I've been doing. It's giving me the motivation to do more of them and try to make them more structured or to atleast do them in some sort of organized sequence. They are fun to do and I'm glad someone appreciates them and gets the uneasy dream like feeling I was trying to show in them.

Third page is what I drew on my first day on my new job. My new job being, answering phones for my mom in our office. I have to wake up pretty early to start work at 7:30. Good thing I have tea to keep myself awake...and also my cat, Schmee, meowing at me.

Fourth page is a silly page I drew during D&D of my character and my friends characters. I play a female human barbarian who has a huge vulture named Seabreeze, for a pet. My favorite thing on the page is the little drawing of my friend Mike's character, I think his name was...Cornelius Maplethorn or something like that. He'd probably get mad if he read this and saw I got the name wrong :T He plays a halfling who has a weasel for a familiar. Her name is Lady Skittersworth and she is, like her name states, a lady.

And the fifth page is some random doodle I drew in class when I was supposed to be paying attention.

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